Kiley Busko

I find inspiration for my paintings from the local wildlife I see while going on hikes and birdwatching. As much as I am inspired by the natural environment, I am also influenced by the materials I choose to work with. The diversity of watercolor paints allows for both precision and spontaneity which I choose to merge within my paintings. I use quick bold brushstrokes with large fluid washes to create a sense of movement and time.  The use of negative space and abstraction in my work allows for the viewer to interpret what they are seeing. I also enjoy creating texture and depth by using salt, granulating watercolor paints and intentionally creating watercolor blooms. I am inspired by the beauty of my subjects and try to capture their unique personalities in my expressive paintings.

Kiley Busko was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She received her BFA in Furniture Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Upon graduating she was awarded with the Windgate Fellowship from the Center of Craft, Creativity and Design. While living in Minneapolis she co-owned a custom furniture business with her husband Sam. She recently rediscovered her passion for watercolor painting after being inspired to paint the wildlife found in the Midwest. She now lives and works in Sioux Falls, SD.