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Chad Nelson, a printmaker and art educator based in Sioux Falls, is dedicated to both teaching and creating art. He imparts his knowledge as an art teacher at Brandon Valley High School and as a Printmaking instructor at Augustana University. Nelson’s artistic achievements extend to national and international portfolio exchanges and exhibitions, showcasing his talent on a global scale.

Nelson pursued a Preprofessional Art and Art Education degree at Augustana University and furthered his education through graduate studies at institutions such as Carlton College, University of South Dakota, University of Sioux Falls, and Augustana University itself. His commitment to advancing his skills led him to study under renowned printmakers like Tom Huck, Bill Fick, Art Werger, Deborah Mae Broad, Brett Anderson, Tom Christianson, and Oscar Gillespie at Frogman’s Press and Workshop.

While Mezzotint, Relief Engraving, Woodcut, and Linocut printmaking form the core of Nelson’s artistic expression, he also delves into the realms of watercolor and silverpoint, continuously exploring new artistic avenues. Chad Nelson’s commitment to both teaching and creating art, his diverse artistic skills, and his collaborative spirit make him a respected figure in the printmaking community.

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