David Sieh

I work impulsively in moments of inspiration. The studio and the act of painting are the process and what remains is the painting. Paintings are the evidence of a desire to be more than oneself, they are an expression of the know and the unknown. The paintings are a series of actions and reactions until the visual relationships have been resolved. This process may be short lived or often progress over a series of sessions taking several months. When the paintings take on a harmony of their own, they may be deemed complete.

David Sieh is an artist living in Sioux Falls SD. Born in Aberdeen SD and raised in Hastings MN he grew up exploring the flood plains of the Mississippi River while being surrounded by the urban environment of the Twin cities. As a young man nature inspired Sieh to draw and paint as a form of communication. The juxtaposition of industrial and natural landscapes continues to influence his style and choice of medium. Nature is the source of contemplation and provides the energy to create although the paintings appear to be separate from that which inspires him. David’s paintings are an exploration and a dialogue of the visual world. Living in South Dakota allows Sieh ample opportunity to connect with the natural world and the energy needed to communicate visually with a wide and varied audience.

(Inversion is currently displayed in the Art Masters 2023 exhibit at the Minnehaha Country Club.)

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