Prairie Aurora. 2023. Photography. Greg Latza.

On April 23, 2023, South Dakota was expected to experience an unusually strong occurrence of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights,” said Greg. “I headed north out of Sioux Falls around 11pm and found my way to this rural barn near Hartford, a location I had photographed a couple of times over the years and one that I knew would be devoid of surrounding light pollution. Using an 8-second exposure, I was able to record the vibrant greens and reds of the episode, and on some of the exposures I decided to “paint” the furrowed dirt with my iPhone flashlight. This image was the result of that effort. As a bonus, the setting moon can be seen at the lefthand side of the frame.

Greg Latza is a corporate and editorial photographer located in Sioux Falls. He is commissioned by a handful of Fortune 500 companies and several regional companies, mostly in the agricultural and energy sectors, to document lifestyle and scenery for their advertising and marketing needs. Greg and his wife Jodi have published several books about various South Dakota subjects over the years, with their next title coming in 2024. Greg’s hobby is also photography, a pursuit that leads him to document various South Dakota subjects for his fine art and stock photography catalog. Greg and Jodi have three adult children and live in Sioux Falls.