Yellow Rose. 2023. Oil. Emilia Van Ert.

“I chose to paint a yellow rose for the Minnehaha Country Club because I love painting roses the most. Yellow to me conveys joy and happiness! I like painting single flower blossoms because the composition feels more dramatic to me and I love putting in all the details of dew drops.”

Emilia Van Ert is an artist living in Sioux Falls. Her artwork is in a realistic style using oil paint on Belgian linen, stretched by hand. Over the last year, her primary focus has been works of nature, specifically flower blossoms. She is proficient at roses in all different shades of color and often drenched in dew drops. The challenge of accomplishing the exact details of each flower happens to be what excites and motivates her. She has displayed her work in various shows including a solo exhibition at the Washington Pavilion and has a large painting traveling throughout South Dakota in the Governor’s 10th Biennial Art Exhibition.