Daly’s Golf Bag2023. Acrylic. Brad Kringen.

“I have been wanting to do a golf-themed painting for years. I pick a subject matter, and my goal is to make a unique, one-of-a-kind statement piece,” said Brad.

Brad Kringen is an artist from Sioux Falls, painting out of his studio in the historic 8th & Railroad Building. Brad’s use of acrylic on canvas and mixed media allows him to create his own unique style, a blend of abstract, impressionism, and expressionism. His signature use of bold colors, strong sense of line, and characteristic black-white contrast elements makes his work easily identifiable. Brad’s work can be found in many private, public, and corporate collections. Brad was born in Flandreau, SD in 1960. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Southwest Minnesota State University in 1986 and studied painting under Edward Evans, 19845-1986.